shopview1By consistently delivering the most complex devices with superior quality and craftsmanship, EMS has become not only an approved, but also a preferred supplier of its customers. We offer a full service platform from initial prototype design, through production manufacturing.



When it’s time to bring your design ideas to life, EMS is a partner you can depend on. Our prototype resources are maintained separately from production areas to ensure responsiveness to your most challenging design concepts and delivery requirements. Let our experienced team assist in development, enhancing function, and ensuring manufacturability of your designs.



We understand you need a partner you can rely on to ensure your products get to market on time and on budget. A thorough manufacturing review process ensures that each production order is routed through our facility efficiently. Production routers are bar coded and then electronically scanned as they progress through the related operations. This data collection technology provides real time information that is critical for scheduling, resource planning and keeping our customers updated. Our investment in the most technologically advanced CNC equipment enables us to manufacture with precision and repeatability when facing even the most challenging designs. In addition, certifications and documentation essential to your product are maintained throughout the production process.


Customs & Specials

EMS provides customization and specialization services to meet our customer’s most unique requests. We collaborate with our OEM’s to alter existing product designs to meet specific surgeon needs or to modify features to enhance functionality or appearance.